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The Maritime Research Center (MRC), Pune is a not-for-profit, Section 8 company registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), as Foundation for Underwater Domain Awareness. It serves as an inclusive platform for progressing the Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) Framework and offers a convergence of key stakeholders connected with Maritime Security, Blue Economy, Marine Environment & Disaster Management and Research & Innovation. The comprehensive framework of UDA presented by MRC has been wholeheartedly embraced by key stakeholders for driving discourse and actionable initiatives.

About the comprehensive framework of UDA that has been presented by MRC.

Think Tank

Any new initiative requires a conducive policy environment to survive and thrive. Policy interventions have to be nuanced and inclusive based on the ground realities. The stakeholders and other associated entities need to synergies their efforts in a seamless manner. The UDA framework proposed by the MRC, encourages pooling of resources and synergizing of efforts across the stakeholders and policy makers.

Tech Tank

The tropical littoral waters of the Indo-Pacific Region present very unique challenges and opportunities. The technology intervention has to be a balanced mix of traditional knowledge and the state-of-the-art R&D inputs driven by innovation and Science & Technology tools. The UDA framework driven by the acoustic signal processing, underwater robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data analytics hardware and software.

Skill Tank

The challenges and opportunities in the UDA framework is massive and will require significant human resource to manage the safe, secure, sustainable growth model. Acoustic Capacity and Capability building is a major requirement backed by skill and knowledge based learning. Multi-disciplinary and multi-functional manpower with adequate and appropriate level of experience and learning will have to be ready to take on this responsibility.


To drive the Underwater Water Domain Awareness (UDA) Framework across stakeholders and policy makers for facilitating a safe, secure and sustainable growth model for the tropical littoral waters of the Indo-Pacific Region and beyond.


MRC is well positioned to fulfill the role as a nodal agency for policy and technology interventions as well as acoustic capacity & capability building requirements for all in the Indo-Pacific Strategic Space and beyond.


Dr. Cdr. Arnab Das

A researcher, maritime strategist, technocrat and entrepreneur, Dr. (Cdr) Arnab Das is the founder and Director of Maritime Research Center (MRC), Pune and he personally drives all the initiatives. Dr. Das completed his Masters and PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi while serving in the Indian Navy as a uniformed officer for two decades.

Who we are

The network of MRC patrons

Any mission of such magnitude needs the brightest minds from allied domains to harness forces. MRC is proud to call upon the support of its very own network of mentors, advisors and experts who together guide policy level discourse and translates those into actionable insights and impactful projects for stakeholders.
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Governing Council

Maritime Strategist with a Mission

Cmde Rajan Vir (Retd)

Foundation for Underwater Domain Awareness

Dr. (Col) Aswini Kr. Das

Director Foundation for UDA

Shri Praful Talera

Founder & Director Foundation for UDA

Dr. (Cdr) Arnab Das

Associations with Industry

In translating thought into directed action, MRC is privileged to receive support from various National and International Missions as well as partners from Think Tanks, Industry, and Academia. MRC catalyzes industry relevant research that solves real world problems, incubates tech led innovations and enables adaptation into the various fields related to the UDA framework. Its engagement with academia and pedagogy further ensures sustained availability of human capital for specialized needs.

MRC is supported by M/S NirDhwani Technology Pvt Ltd (NDT), as a start-up with niche capabilities in Acoustic Signal Processing Hardware & Software driven products and solutions. NDT has developed multiple innovative ideas to comprehensively support the UDA framework across all the dimensions. It undertakes turnkey solutions with extensive research based design & development projects and also field experimental support.

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