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Individual Membership

The Individual Membership level is designed for industry professionals and underwater domain enthusiasts who want to access latest insights, trends and practices related to acoustic capability building in the underwater domain.

MRC members represent every major industry sector from oil and gas to maritime, from infrastructure to the ecology. Let MRC membership take you through each step of your professional career by giving you access to industry-leading resources like our publications, conferences, training and education courses, and more.

Corporate Membership

MRC’s Corporate Membership Program is available to companies who have interests in Underwater Domain and allied aspects of Blue Economy. It offers an opportunity for industry and MRC to join together to form long-term, quality relationships.

In addition to the invaluable year-long benefits, corporate members enjoy increased visibility and high-level exposure to our members and patrons who rank among the national and global thought leaders in their respective domains.

Academia Membership

Our Academia Membership aims to to promote the development of higher levels of pedagogy related to underwater domain and also drive awareness among emerging student population about the opportunities and offerings across the vast range of industries and stakeholders of the Underwater Domain.

Academia members also experience the unique opportunities available with MRC’s Centers of Underwater Excellence which can unlock strong revenue possibilities for institutions of higher learning.

Internship, Fellowship and Research

Internship (6 months / 12 months), Fellowship and Research opportunities are available for undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars. Students will gain valuable exposure to the burgeoning field of Underwater Domain which is marked by a significant gap of qualified talent. Working with the veterans of MRC, students will gain invaluable experience of theory and practical aspects as applied to current industry needs.

  • 6-month Internship program
  • 12-month Internship program
  • MRC Fellowship program
  • MRC Research Scholar program

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